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Welcome to MyPonyClub, the online membership portal for Pony Club Australia.

Memberships are not refundable. Please read these instructions carefully to ensure that you purchase the correct membership.

Signing up as a new member or renewing online is quick, convenient and secure.

There are two pathways of membership, depending on whether or not you own or have exclusive access to a horse/pony. Choose the one that suits you.

1) Got your own horse or pony? Become a Club Member

  • Pony Club membership is for riders who have their own horse, or the exclusive use of a horse (such as a full lease). If you do not have a horse of your own, please refer to pathway number 2 below.

  • Age limits for riders and the cost of Club Membership varies across Clubs. 

  •  Begin the registration process to see the cost of membership at a Club near you.

  • Select your state from the dropdown list, then follow the prompts to your preferred Club where you can select a membership type.

2) No pony? No problem! Become a Centre Member

  • Centre membership is for people 5-80 who do not have their own horse or the exclusive use of a horse (such as a full lease).

  • The cost of Centre Membership is $110 per calendar year. Centres set their own prices for lessons. 

  • If you are not personally familiar with the Centre of your choice, please make contact with them to discuss your needs and aspirations before you pay for Centre Membership.

To become a Centre Member, select the very first option under the dropdown for 'state', which is "Accredited Riding Centres" (Centre Membership is a national program so do NOT select a state).

Wait for the screen to refresh and then scroll down, to choose your preferred Centre.

 Your life with horses starts here!



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