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Online entries for dressage & sporting close Tuesday 3rd March at 11:00pm. No late entries.

A dressage draw and competition information will be emailed to competitors by Thursday afternoon.

Please note that the dressage competition will be held over two days.

        Date                  Time            Competitions

Saturday 7th

12:00 start

Senior Dressage (Prep – Elementary)

Associate Dressage (Prep – Elementary)

U17 Dressage (Novice & Elementary)

Sunday 8th

8:00 start

Junior Dressage (Prep & Preliminary)

Junior Sporting (in age groups)

Associate Sporting

Senior Sporting




Preparatory Level Only


Preparatory; Preliminary

9 U 13

Preparatory; Preliminary

13 U 17

Preparatory; Preliminary

U 17

Novice; Elementary


Preparatory through to Elementary

Over 25

Preparatory through to Elementary

*Beginner riders (U17) may be led or unled and will receive additional assistance. Do not require a snaffle.







Prep A

Prep E







Dressage Tests: https://www.equestrian.org.au/dressage-rules (Scroll to the bottom to access tests).



Age Groups

U13 Assisted; U7 unled: 7&u9; 9&u11; 11&u13; 13&u15; 15&u17; Associate & Senior (Boys & Girls combined for all age groups)


Pony Twist; Bends; Barrels; Point to Point; In & Out Paddock; Scudahoe



  • Callers allowed for all tests with no penalty. Riders must organise own caller.

  • Dressage rules and gear (PCANSW) apply for all levels/age groups. 

  • To be competitive riders must use a noseband and ride in an approved snaffle.

  • Riders in non-approved gear who are competing in relevant age group competitions (not beginner competition) will compete HC.

  • For dressage competition riders entered in the Beginner competition may ride in any PCANSW approved bit/gear for safety purposes without penalty.

  • A horse/rider combination may compete in a maximum of 3 tests per day at consecutive levels eg. Prep & Prelim level/ Prelim & Novice level or Novice/Elementary level

  • In the dressage competition a second horse is allowed HC.

  • If bringing a second horse please pay for the second horse ground fee.

  • Senior competitors must be financial riding members of PCA and adhere to PCANSW rules.

  • Ribbons to 5th place in both dressage and sporting.

  • Girls and boys combined for all events.

  • Nomination fees are non-refundable after the closing date.

  • Refunds requested by email before the closing date will be paid by direct debit within four weeks following the event date.  Refunds will be subject to processing/administration fees as per Omnisports policy.



Ground Fee (incl. Stable/water use) $5 per horse.

Dressage Tests $5 per test.

Sporting $10 per rider

Camping (non-powered) – duration of the event $10 per family (fridge/cooking facilities available for use if camping).

A canteen may be in operation, depending on the number of entries. Canteen information will be advised to entrants when the draw is sent out.


Kate Brennan – Secretary – moreeponyclub@gmail.com  or 0416 200 640



The Competition Rounds for our Dressage Championships are as follows:

Round 1

Sat 7th & Sun 8th March

Dressage & Sporting

Round 2

Sat 9th & Sun 10th May

Dressage & CT

Round 3

Sat 12th & Sun 13th September

Dressage & Time Trial

The dressage competition will run as a highest pointscore in Age Group/Levels throughout the year. Competitors must compete at a minimum of two events at the same level on the same horse in order to be eligible for pointscore.  Prizes will be awarded at the final event of the year. Placings to 5th in each event.

The Event
Organiser :
Event :
Moree Pony Club Dressage Round 1 & Sporting
Discipline :
Where, When and How Much
Location :
Full Gallop Farm - Moree Pony Club - 2 Boolooroo Street, , ASHLEY, NSW, 2400, AUS
Begins on :
07-Mar-2020 12:00 AM
Ends on :
08-Mar-2020 12:00 AM
Registration Open :
08-Jan-2020 12:00 AM
Registration Closes :
03-Mar-2020 11:00 PM
Event Entry Fee :
(Entry Fee does not include Class Fees)
Please Note: All registration times are in AEDT/AEST.
Late Registration Till :
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Late Registration Fee :
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Class Details
Beginner - Preparatory A$5.00
Beginner - Preparatory E$5.00
U9yrs - Preparatory A$5.00
U9yrs - Preparatory E$5.00
U9yrs - Preliminary 1A$5.00
U9yrs - Preliminary 1C$5.00
9U13yrs - Preparatory A$5.00
9U13yrs - Preparatory E$5.00
9U13yrs - Preliminary 1A$5.00
9U13yrs - Preliminary 1C$5.00
13U17yrs - Preparatory A$5.00
13U17yrs - Preparatory E$5.00
13U17yrs - Preliminary 1A$5.00
13U17yrs - Preliminary 1C$5.00
U17yrs - Novice 2A$5.00
U17yrs - Novice 2C$5.00
U17yrs - Elementary 3A$5.00
U17yrs - Elementary 3B$5.00
Associate - Preparatory A$5.00
Associate - Preparatory E$5.00
Associate - Preliminary 1A$5.00
Associate - Preliminary 1C$5.00
Associate - Novice 2A$5.00
Associate - Novice 2C$5.00
Associate - Elementary 3A$5.00
Associate - Elementary 3B$5.00
Senior 26-80yrs - Preparatory A$5.00
Senior 26-80yrs - Preparatory E$5.00
Senior 26-80yrs - Preliminary 1A$5.00
Senior 26-80yrs - Preliminary 1C$5.00
Senior 26-80yrs - Novice 2A$5.00
Senior 26-80yrs - Novice 2C$5.00
Senior 26-80yrs - Elementary 3A$5.00
Senior 26-80yrs - Elementary 3B$5.00
Assisted U13 - Sporting$10.00
U7yrs Unassisted - Sporting$10.00
7U9yrs - Sporting$10.00
9U11yrs - Sporting$10.00
11U13yrs - Sporting$10.00
13U15yrs - Sporting$10.00
15U17yrs - Sporting$10.00
Associate- Sporting$10.00
Senior 26-80yrs - Sporting$10.00
Camping - Not powered$10.00
Second horse - ground fee$5.00