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  ZONE 16 Christmas GYMKHANA 
Sunday 5 December 2021
Entries online via My Pony Club
 $35 Per rider
Entries close Wednesday 1 December 2021
Program Riding and Sporting Classes
  • Pony Club Mount
  • Pony Club Rider
  • Handler
  • Pleasure
  • Pairs
  • Bareback
  • In and Out of the paddock
  • Bending Race
  • Barrel Race
  • Straight Barrel Race
  • Keyhole
  • Scudahoe
Age Groups
Leds I 9 & under I 10 to 16 I Associate
Age groups will be based on entries


PCANSW Gear and sporting rules will apply.
Sporting uniform (black jodphurs and polo tops) allowed. https://www.pcansw.org.au/docs/general/45/section_11_-_all_games.pdf
Showjumping Classes
Super Phase – run as a one round event, the second half of the course optimium time for Intro/ E /D grade and against the clock for C, B, and A grade.
PCANSW gear rules in addition to showjump rules apply. https://www.pcansw.org.au/docs/general/45/section_09_july_2020.pdf
  • Intro
  • E Grade
  • D Grade
  • C Grade
  • B Grade
  • A Grade
Important COVID Related Information
On entry, all attendees must comply with all COVID requirements, including:
1. All persons entering the grounds will need to use the QR code on entry to the grounds
2. If you have COVID symptoms, you may not attend.
3. If you are waiting on COVID test results, you may not attend.
4. If you are from an area with restrictions, do not travel to Canberra. You may not attend.
5. All attendees must comply with physical distancing according to ACT Health directions.
QR code Check in in at the grounds entry may take some time, so we ask everyone to please be patient and leave yourselves enough time before the first event.


Mandatory Question
Only names that have been registered in the mandatory question will be allowed on the grounds.
COVID Declaration
This event will be run in adherence with all current ACT Covid safe precautions, by attending this event participants agree to uphold all precautions in place at time of the event. Do not attend this event if unwell on the day of the event or if under a stay at home or isolation order, are waiting on the result of a covid test, or have been identified as a close contact.
We encourage
  •  social distancing and the use of masks only as required under ACT Health directions
  •  use of hand sanitiser: hand sanitiser will be available although participants are encouraged to also bring their own supply
  • to support contactless gear check, all riders must be able to adjust their own gear or have a parent with them at gear check

Information and Rules, the fine print

  • You MUST check in using the QR code.
  • Please stay home if you are unwell or have been in close contact with anyone with COVID-19 in the last 14 days
  • Social distancing, hand sanitiser and COVID-19 precautions will be in place
  • To help keep us all safe, follow directions from event officials and obey signage
  • Riders will be grouped based on age
  • Full Pony Club uniform must be worn (shirt, tie, polo top, beige or black jodhpurs)
  • One horse-one rider, one rider-one horse
  • Competitors in led/assisted events may be any age but may only compete in led/assisted ring
  • Judges decision is final in all events. Judges reserve the right to eliminate any horse/rider at their discretion. No protests will be accepted.
  • Age of riders is their age on the day
  • Ribbons to 5th place 
  • Zone 16 reserves the right to change the program or cancel the event as necessary
  • Contactless gear check will be conducted on entry to the riding area and the rider (parent) must be able to adjust any gear accordingly
  • Horses to be neatly presented, plaiting optional
  • Sick or ill horses should not be brought to the event
  • Officials have the right to isolate any horse suspected of being ill
  • Methodology for Highest Point Score will be available on the day
  • Presentation at completion of the sporting events
  • Strictly no dogs in the riding area or near the food van


Thank you in advance for volunteering.

This is a Zone run event. The Zone comprises every member of Zone 16 and this event cannot run without your help. HELPERS

Helpers are to be nominated when entering – all riders must have a volunteer.

Associates without helpers can help with Saturday set-up or pack down on Sunday.

No helper means no competition.


The competition will be run in accordance with the PCANSW Rule Book (the Blue Book) including: full pony club uniform, including sporting uniform for sporting) and Zone 16 allows black or white jodphurs, refer to our website Zone 16 Uniform | Zone 16 Pony Club and PCANSW Gear requirements and bit requirements https://www.pcansw.org.au/docs/general/45/section_07.pdf https://www.pcansw.org.au/docs/general/45/bit_dictionary_2016_ver_4.pdf

  • If riders are not in attendance at awards presentations riders forfeit their ribbons, but their placing will be held.
  • Riders must be a current financial member of PCANSW.
  • Pending Covid restrictions, financial members outside Zone 16 are welcome to participate.
  • Riders C grade and above may bring a second horse in accordance with PCANSW rules (amended March 2017) for dressage and show jumping. Each combination will need to pay a separate entry fee. Second horse non-competitive, must be declared at entry. The competitive horse must compete first if in the same class/ grade. The higher graded horse is deemed the competitive horse.
  • Strictly no grading card no jump, full uniform including helmet to walk jumping classes.
  • The Zone 16 Executive reserves the right to change the program if required.
  • Age groups may be split dependant on entries led to associate.
  • Beginner ring offered if started in beginner class (led, walk, trot only), which will remain for the day.
  • Riding classes in an enclosed area.
  • Refunds of 50% after the closing date will be given only upon presentation of a medical certificate or a vet certificate.
  • Dogs – ideally no dogs if unavoidable strictly no dogs on horse areas and they must be on lead at all times.


 5 points for 1st place down to 1 point for 5th place for each event (for same horse/ rider combination).


Ribbons to 5th place in each individual event.

Age championship awards for the combined riding classes and sporting.


One club team championship competition, first to third place. Teams will comprise a maximum of four riders from the same club and a minimum of three riders. Maximum of 2 riders in each grade scores will count.

Grade champions will be awarded.

Strictly no card no jump will apply.


Riders will need to complete their sporting between riding classes.

• All awards are open to all competitors. i.e. financial pony club riders from outside of Zone 16 are eligible.

• At the completion of the event there will be a Presentation of all the point score winners for the day.

• All riders are to be present or awards will be forfeited.

• Led riders are not eligible for championship classes.

The Event
Organiser :
Event :
Zone 16 Gymkhana
Discipline :
Showjumping, Sporting
Where, When and How Much
Location :
Zone 16 - Mathews Lane, , Bungendore, NSW, 2620, AUS
Begins on :
05-Dec-2021 06:00 AM
Ends on :
05-Dec-2021 11:00 PM
Registration Open :
11-Nov-2021 08:00 AM
Registration Closes :
01-Dec-2021 11:00 PM
Event Entry Fee :
(Entry Fee does not include Class Fees)
Please Note: All registration times are in AEDT/AEST.
Late Registration Till :
- - -
Late Registration Fee :
- - -
Class Details
Sporting led rider$0.00
Sporting under 9 years$0.00
Sporting 9 years$0.00
Sporting 10 years$0.00
Sporting 11 years$0.00
Sporting 12 years$0.00
Sporting 13 years$0.00
Sporting 14 years$0.00
Sporting 15 years$0.00
Sporting 16 years$0.00
Sporting associate$0.00
Showjumping- junior under 17 intro$0.00
Showjumping - junior under 17 E grade$0.00
Showjumping- Associate 17 and over E grade$0.00
Showjumping-junior under 17 D grade$0.00
Showjumping-associate 17 and over D grade$0.00
Showjumping-junior under 17 C grade$0.00
Showjumping-associate 17 and over C grade$0.00
Showjumping-junior under 17 B grade$0.00
Showjumping- Associate 17 and over B grade$0.00
Showjumping-junior under 17 A grade$0.00
Showjumping-associate 17 and over A grade$0.00