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The Beaudesert & District Horse & Pony Club

     Official Dressage & Combined Training – 15th March, 2020


Venue:  Beaudesert showgrounds, off Jane Street, Beaudesert

Entry fee:  $30 per rider for either Dressage or Combined Training

Or $45 per rider for both Dressage &C/Training

Entries:  Omni Sports, via PCQ website

Entries Close:  3rd March, 2020

Enquiries: Kay Paulsen Ph: 0419 741 273 or Kath Teese 0400 577 616 or email:beaudesertpc@gmail.com



This event is a State Championship qualifier for 2020 using EA tests linked from PCQ website and run under PCQ rule book 2020.



OFFICIAL                                                                                           UNOFFICIAL

Class                      Event                                     Tests                      Class      Event                                     Tests

D1                           Under 11yrs                          1A  -  1B               D6           12 & U assisted                    Prep A & Prep B/E

D2                           11 & Under 13yrs                1B  -  2A                D7           10 & Under                           Prep A & Prep B/E

D3                          Preliminary 13-U26yrs       1B  -  1C                D8           11-12 years                           Prep A & Prep E

D4                           Novice 13-U26yrs               2A  - 2B                D9           13 & U26yrs                         Prep A & Prep E

D5                           Elementary 13-U26yrs       3A – 3B                 D10        13 & U26yrs                         1A & 1B

                                                                                                                D11        Seniors                                   Will ride in D3,4,5 or                                                                                                                                                                         but if not stated will ride D3


AWARDS - Rosettes for 1st to 3rd place / Ribbons to 1-5th place




Class                      Event                                     Test                        Height                  

C1                           10yrs & under                      1B                           50cms                   

C2                           12yrs & under                      1B                           60cms                   

C3                           A1                                           1B                           60cms   

C4                           A2                                           1B                           80cms                                                                                     

C5                           A3                                           1B                           95cms

C6                           A4                                           1B                           105cms

C7                           B1                                           2B                           60cms

C8                           B2                                           2B                           80cms

C9                           B3                                           2B                           95cms

C10                        B4                                           2B                           105cms

C11                        C1                                           3A                           60cms

C12                        C2                                           3A                           80cms

C13                        C3                                           3A                           95cms

C14                        C4                                           3A                           105cms


UNOFFICIAL – callers allowed in classes C13 to C18

C15                        12 & U Assisted                   Prep A                                    30cms   

C16                        10 & Under                           Prep A                                   30cms

C17                        12 & Under                           Prep A                                   50cms

C18                        13 & U26yrs                         Prep A                                   50cms

C19                        13 & Under 26yrs                1A                                           60cms

C20                        Seniors                                   1B             If height not stated will jump 60cms


AWARDS – Trophies for 1st to 3rd place / Ribbons to 1-5th place





Neither the organising committee of this event nor PCAQ accepts any liability for the damage, accident, injury or illness to horses, riders, spectators or any other persons or property whatsoever.



The organising committee reserves the right:

To: cancel any class or event; to divide any class; to alter the advertised times; to refuse any entry, with or without stating the reason, to transfer competitors between sections of a class and to combine classes if less than 3 competitors. 


The events will be run under PCAQ rules including Two horse rule:

  • Riders may enter two horses in the same or different class/grade


  • Each horse may gain qualifying results


  • Each horse may be placed in its class and is eligible for overall awards


WORKERS FROM CLUBS – There will be 1 penciller for every 3 or part there of rider per club.  Workers will be notified prior to the competition of pencilling/stewarding requirements.  


Dressage – The changes for 2020 are:

  • Rider 13 & U26 years may choose their grading for each competition – ie novice one competition / elementary the next. 
  • For State competitions, a horse/rider combination must compete at the highest qualified grade as recorded on their grading card.
  • %’s have been changed back to 55% for dressage.
  • As from 2020 there will be no points allocated for placings, just %’s which will be used for state qualifications.


Combined TrainingThe changes for 2020 are:

  • If Dressage and Combined Training competitions are held on the same day, the Dressage test for Combined Training must be separate to the tests ridden as part of the dressage competition.


  • A rider may ride in both Dressage and Combined Training on the one day on the same horse but cannot compete across two graded dressage levels ie novice dressage and A1 CT. Therefore, if you ride elementary dressage, you will ride elementary CT e.g. C2.


  • State qualifying %’s have been changed back to 50% for Combined Training




Via OMNISports Online system. Draw will be via their web site and Beaudesert. Refund of nominations – vet or medical certificate must be received within 7 days of the event less 10% administration fee. 



  • Grading cards must be presented to Secretary before 8:00am the day of competition - NO CARDS – NO AWARDS.
  • FIRST AID in attendance
  • CAMPING/STABLES – must be booked and paid for on the nomination form.
  • Prep A/B/E tests – ON THE DRAW IT WILL BE NOTED WHETHER THE TESTS ARE DONE IN A 20X40 or 20 x 60cm arena.




The Event
Organiser :
Event :
Official Dressage & Combined Training
Discipline :
Combined Training, Dressage
Where, When and How Much
Location :
Beaudesert Showgrounds - Kookaburra St, , Beaudesert, QLD, 4285, AUS
Begins on :
15-Mar-2020 12:00 AM
Ends on :
15-Mar-2020 12:00 AM
Registration Open :
31-Jan-2020 12:00 AM
Registration Closes :
03-Mar-2020 12:00 AM
Event Entry Fee :
(Entry Fee does not include Class Fees)
Please Note: All registration times are in AEDT/AEST.
Late Registration Till :
- - -
Late Registration Fee :
- - -
Class Details
D1 - Dressage-Under 11 Years$30.00
D2 - Dressage-11 & U13 Years$30.00
D3 - Dressage-Preliminary 13-U26yrs$30.00
D4 - Dressage Novice 13-U26yrs$30.00
D5 - Dressage-Elementary$30.00
D6 - Dressage-12 & Under Assisted$30.00
D7 - Unofficial 10 and Under$30.00
D8 - Unofficial Dressage-11 & U13 Years$30.00
D9 - Unoff PREP Dressage-13 & Under 26 Years$30.00
D10 - Unofficial Dressage-13 & Under 26 Years$30.00
D11 - Dressage-Seniors Dressage$30.00
C1 - Combined Training-10 Years & Under 50cm$30.00
C2 - Combined Training-12 Years & Under 60cm$30.00
C3 - Combined Training-A1 60cm$30.00
C4 - Combined Training-A2 80cm$30.00
C5 - Combined Training-A3 95cm$30.00
C6 - Combined Training-CT15 A3 Prelim 13&U26 105cm$30.00
C7 - Combined Training-B1 60cm$30.00
C8 - Combined Training-B2 80cm$30.00
C9 - Combined Training-B3 95cm$30.00
C10 - Combined Training - Novice 105cm$30.00
C11 - Combined Training-C1 60cm$30.00
C12 - Combined Training-C2 80cm$30.00
C13 - Combined Training-C3 95cm$30.00
C14 - Combined Training-CT Elementary 105cm$30.00
C15 - Unofficial CT - 12 & Under Assisted 30cms$30.00
C16 - Unofficial CT - 10 & Under 30cms$30.00
C17 - Unofficial CT -12 Years & Under 50cm$30.00
C18 Unofficial CT 13 & Under 26 Years 50cm$30.00
C19 - Unofficial CT -13 & Under 26 Years 60cm$30.00
C20 - Unofficial CT - Seniors$30.00
Discount if competing in both Dressage and Combined Training - 1st Horse($15.00)
Discount if competing in both Dressage and Combined Training - 2nd Horse($15.00)