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Summer Pony Club Horse and Rider Series 

Riders please nominate as soon as possible so we can have prizes, Judges and Coaches organized in time. $10.00 each rider of each series 2, 3 & 4. Register online and pay on the day or register and pay online.

Widgee PC Riding Series 3.00 till finish approx. 6.00 – 6.30pm

3.00 pm Start for gear check and group allocation – 3.15 - Rider Series Classes Begin  = Meet at Top PC Arena and Adjacent Field

 This series is for Widgee Club Members and Friends to have some fun riding across the disciplines we have all been training, competing and learning throughout the year. It is an afternoon time to beat the heat, if there is storms beginning or heavy rain, the event will be cancelled and riders refunded promptly.

Riders will be divided into groups based on age and ability and placed in these sections. We want all the members and riders to have fun most of all and new riders to learn about competitions in a relaxed environment. Free camping and stables if you want to stay the night.

Rider Series Training Day – 23rd October, 6th November, 20th November, 4th December

Rider Series One - 23rd October (No Cost) - Training –  Jumping, Sporting & Dressage - How to present your horse.

Rider Series Two – $ 10.00 - Sporting / Awards - Ribbons

Wear your rider colors, choose your own or rally shirt.

Events - Barrels, Bending, Flag Race, Mystery Event - Mounted Games Style

Rider Series Three – 20th November $10.00 - Jumping & Dressage – Awards – Rosettes

Formal Uniform - if you own one or Neat & Tidy Rider - Vest only if weather permits

Events - Jumping Equitation, Top Score -Mini Jumping, Prep A - Dressage Beginner / Prelim 1A or Bm, Cross Country-Trail and treasure course

Series Four 6th Decemebr $10.00 - Final Formal Series Mix – Awards - Ribbons, Lays & Garlands - Formal attire - Vest only if weather permits.

4 Rings – Two in Dressage Arena – One on the Field and Warm up Ring

Ring One – Under 8 Riders Led, Assisted & Independent

Ring Two –  9 – 11 Years Led, Assisted and Independent

Ring Three – 11 and Over Led, Assisted and Independent

Under 8 Hack Classes

Classes - Best Presented, Leading Rein Walk and Trot, Assisted Walk and Trot,   

Unassisted Walk, Trot and/or Canter, Hairiest Pony, Fattest pony, Longest tail, Walking race.

8 & Over Hack Classes – Groups will be combined based on numbers but placed in their ability/age groups.

Classes - Led & Best Presented, Rider Class, Pleasure Hack, Fattest pony, Longest tail, Walking race.

ALL RIDERS - FINALE – Christmas Fancy Dress for Horse/Pony and Rider

A Program will be developed and emailed for Series Four.


RIDER GROUPS - Developed for current Widgee PC Club Riders

  • Under 8 Led/ Assisted /Independent Rider
  • 8 and 9 years Led / Assisted / Independent Riders
  • 10 and 11 Years Led/Assisted / Independent Riders
  • 12 & 13 Years Led/Assisted / Independent Riders
  • 14 – 17 – Independent Riders
  • Seniors & Associates




RIDER GROUPS / Classes Explained

Led Rider – Pony/Horse led from the shoulder

Assisted Rider – Pony/Horse not led, adult guiding, giving instructions, walking ahead of horse/pony.

Independent – No instructions are needed in class.

Led Class - Rider leading horse in walk/trot workout.

Pleasure Class - The horses perform as a group, exhibiting the natural gaits of the walk, trot, and/or canter, and may also be asked to extend the trot. Horses are judged on their manners, performance. The horse is to give the impression of being a pleasure to ride.

Jumping Equitation - is run and taught to encourage better riding and training of horses. Jumping Equitation was formulated in response to the need to aid improvement in the technique of both horse and rider in showjumping, to promote quality jumping.

Dressage Prep A - Purpose: To introduce the rider and/or horse to the sport of dressage. To show understanding of riding the horse forward with a steady tempo into an elastic contact with independent, steady hands and a correctly balanced seat. To show geometry of figures in the arena with correct bend (corners and circles). Instructions: To be ridden in an ordinary snaffle. Transitions into and out of the halt may be made through the walk. All trot work is sitting or rising.

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WIdgee Pony Club Rider Series
Discipline :
Dressage, Games|Flat, Jumping Equitation, Just for Fun, Mounted Games, Showjumping, Sporting
Where, When and How Much
Location :
Widgee Recreational Grounds - Upper Widgee, , Widgee, QLD, 4570, AUS
Begins on :
06-Nov-2021 12:00 AM
Ends on :
04-Dec-2021 12:00 AM
Registration Open :
20-Oct-2021 12:00 AM
Registration Closes :
26-Oct-2021 12:00 AM
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28-Oct-2021 12:00 AM
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Class Details
Series 2 - Barrels, Bending, Flag Race, Mystery Event Mounted Games$10.00
Series 3 - Jumping Equitation/Mini Jumping, Dressage & Trail$10.00
Series 4 - Rider, Hacking, Christmas Fancy Dress Horse and Rider$10.00
Series 1 - Full Jump Course, Dressage Training/Rider lesson, Flags$0.00
Register All Series Pay Cash at PC- 1,2,3,4$0.00